Melissa D. Johnson (mippa) wrote in nana__nana,
Melissa D. Johnson

I Come Bearing (Dub) Video Clips!

Hiyas everyone! I'm kinda-sorta new to the community, but not to the NANA fandom! I first came to love the series while living in Tokyo, when I saw the first movie come out in theatres. I cried so hard during the Trapnest concert scene, and I fell in love with Nobu and Takumi on sight!

Anyhoo, one of my hobbies is voice-acting and mixing my own dubbing clips. (I know, I know, insert roll of eyes here: [       ]) But I would really love it if you guys would take the time to check them out if you are curious! We have some very talented people bringing the characters to life, and we still have several clips (and a full episode) coming up soon!

Please keep in mind that we are not professionals, and do this simply for fun...we are constantly learning to improve, and we would appreciate it if--

A) Keep all hateful anti-dub and non-constructive comments to yourself. I am nearly fluent in Japanese and still appreciate English dubbing, so don't pull any of that "elitist" nonsense if you please.

B) Please be gentle, most of us are not professional (with the exception of a few members who some of you Ouran fans might recognize!).

C) Please, if you enjoy it, leave comments so the cast members can see! <3

(Follow the Fake Cut To The Video Clips)

(x-posted liek wow~)
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